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              Indigenous Youth (age 18-35) across Turtle Island are invited to NATOA's Youth Summit this coming fall. We are hosting a gathering to learn from thought leaders and change markers online with lots of prizes to be won and important announcements to be heard! You won't want to miss it.

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              Posted @withregram ? @firstontpac FULL PROGRAM ANNOUNCED! ?
              Celebration of Nations, the Niagara region’s highly regarded gathering of Indigenous Arts, Culture and Tradition has announced the full schedule for its hybrid edition of in-person programming at the FirstOntario Performing Arts Centre as well as virtual offerings from 10 – 12 September 2021.?
              Tap the link in our bio for full schedule, tickets + more.

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              *Save the Date*

              As we are all coming out of a year and a half of unprecedented international pandemic lockdowns, social and economic turmoil and personal sacrifices, we are heading into a renewed sense of our livelihoods. The 2021 8th annual Indigenous Trust and Investment Conference will ReNew the passion and determination we all have to not only be seen but to be heard and included in the Economy.

              #Staytuned for registration details!

              The newly launched RRII Indigenous Investor Guide
              for Indigenous investors Investing for Today, Tomorrow, and Future Generations is now accessible online!

              Drawing on the knowledge and experiences of a diverse group of Indigenous finance experts and community leaders, this new guide aims to help Indigenous investors align their investment policies and practices with their values and aspirations in ways that build on the stewardship protocols and traditions that have supported Indigenous communities for countless generations. The recommendations in the guide include encouraging trusts to incorporate a statement of values into their investment policy statement; talking with external agents and advisors about their values, beliefs and knowledge of Indigenous history; and identifying opportunities to invest in the Indigenous economy.

              The link to this guide is in bio ????#Indigenous #Investing #generations

              About NATOA

              NATOA is a charity organization is committed to providing Indigenous Peoples of nada with the resources and information that will help them efficiently create, manage, and operate trusts as a means to ensure the seven generations yet unborn, n benefit from the goals and dreams of the present generation.

              NATOA’s goal is to be a highly professional and relevant resource for Indigenous Peoples in becoming self-sustaining and vital economic communities.

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              Sharing of Knowledge

              Opportunities for development of Indigenous trust officers and managers and for the sharing of knowledge among Indigenous communities and their advisors.

              Edutional Program

              Edutional program for Indigenous trust officers, NATOA members and others through online and national and regional workshops.

              Advocy and Engagement

              Engage in advocy on issues impacting the management and operation of Indigenous trusts.

              Indigenous Women and Youth

              Platform for discussion and knowledge sharing for Indigenous women and youth where consistent with the needs and mandates of NATOA’s constituent communities.

              Our Mandate

              The Board of Directors of NATOA are committed to ensuring that the best possible information on areas relevant to Trusts, such as investing, Trust structures; accounting, tax, management, administration, and legal issues is available through an internet-based research library website and national/regional workshops.

              As more and more Indigenous governments, organizations, and communities establish trusts to hold and manage the funds obtained from their claims (land claims, treaty land entitlement, hydro claims) or business activities, it is critil to ensure these funds are prudently and responsibly managed and that structures are in place to reflect the particular aspirations and objectives of an individual community.

              NATOA’s commitment to strengthening Indigenous communities and their ability to meet their own member needs and desires through financial opportunities utilizing trust funds and investing principles that are consistent with Indigenous Cultural traditions and values generally and those of individual communities specifilly. Advancing the goals and opportunities of Indigenous women and youth is vital to the pacity and future success of our Trusts and communities.

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              Committees of Members

              NATOA has developed several committees of members to meet the needs of the entire membership. The Committees that are currently operating and/or forming are:

              Responsible Investment Committee

              The Responsible Investment Committee will oversee and report on any and all partnerships that includes the current partnership with Share nada in delivering the Reconciliation and Responsible Investment Project.

              Edution Committee

              The Edution Committee will work with an accredited edutional institution to provide and develop an on-line program related to Aboriginal Trusts that will be available to members and non-members.

              Advisory Committee

              The Advisory Committee’s mandate is to ensure the Board has access to high quality technil expertise in all matters that affect IndigenousTrusts and Investment portfolios, as well as the management of the Association.

              NATOA News

              Here you n read expert opinions areas relelated to investing, Trust structures, accounting, tax, management, administration and legal issues.

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